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"The new golden pork crunch is out of this world"
Kerry B
"As a fitness freak it is important to have a good balance of all parts of nutrition. What is available in your product is perfect, not only this but the taste is just nothing short of perfection so thank you"
Chris leigh
"Amazing crackling! Can detect a little sweetness and my only comment would be that sugar should not be an ingredient. Thanks for a great product though : )"
"I would like to state that I have been purchsing your pork scrarchings in pounworld and I have to state that they are the best ones that I have ever tasted. They should also be on sale in pubs in London due to the value of the product. Well done."
John walters
"wow, we tried your fabulous pork scratchings and liked them so much we decided to promote them for you on our gigs we do for charity in and around the midlands. check out our web page www.thefabulous foot tappers. they are very Moorish and adictable not too much salt unlike other makes, because you have made the perfect crunchy ones that don't break your teeth and are very chewable. verdict from the band EXCELENT .Cheers Jeffrey "
Jeffrey Whitehouse

the Fabulous foot tappers

"Hi. Sorry I have to be negative but! I can't see what is real about "Golden pork crunch" They are very similar to quavers in texture. Would love to know what percentage of actual pork or pork rind is in this product, apart from the flavourings. As I didn't come across any. I normally love pork cracklings or pork scratchings. Compared to other pork products these are no way anything like pork of any nature. Good point, no chance of breaking teeth. Paul s. "
Paul sumner
"I am a very big fan of a pint and some pork scratchings or I was until I tried your pork scratchings. Now I'm just a fan of your delicious pork snack. These are the best snack I have ever had. Thank you."
Steve Baker

Willmott Dixon

"amazing the best"


"They are so amazing "
"So relived to find gluten free pork scratchings and crunch in your range. Especially the Golden Pork Crunch. Please increase gf range and make sure the shops don't keep running out! So "
Paul Butt
"Best pork scratchings we have ever tasted my 2 children absolutely loved them 5****"
sarah edwards
"Absolutely amazing...officially my favourite snack..as a bodybuiding they are great for me to as high protein and low fat contents...amazing"
Craig Prickett
"Best ever crackling! I love it! Well done "
John Peirson
"I had the product in the dark grey packet. Pork crackling I think. The local sainsburys here in Pocklington have just started to stock them. A welcome change from Mr porky. I found your product light, fresh and enjoyable. No rock hard prices. Bravo. Whilst chewing there was a claggy experience in the mouth which was a first but nothing to worry bout. More saltiness is the only comment I have. Hope I can still get them locally. Cheers"
A Bentham
"Have enjoyed pork scratchings for many years but just tried a packet of yours and we both agree that they are the best so far. Well done"
Susan Roscoe
"I've been searching for the perfect pork scratchings for a long time and I've tried some really awful ones along the way. They either have terrible spice mixes or MSG. Thankfully I found your scratchings in the petrol station of my local Tesco and they are the best I've tasted. They remind me of homemade pork crackling from a Sunday roast. Thank you for making a great product which will satisfy my pork scratchings cravings!"
Angela CORBO
"Your pork scratchings are without question the best I have tasted. I wonder if I could make a suggestion. My favourite scratchings are the ones that have a chunk of dried meat on there and very little rind or fat. So, I was wondering, could you make an entire packet of 'meat' scratchings? I would buy them at twice the cost! Just a suggestion. Joe"
Joseph Grace

Bristol City Council

"Best store bought scratchings I've ever had. Cheers."
"I tried the pork scratchings while on a weekend away with my girlfriend. As someone who has recently been diagnosed as a coeliac, I find it amazing finding food that is gluten free AND delicious, and they absolutely were!"
Daniel Simms